MCT was founded in 2006 by Aaron Harris, world-renowned weapons designer, master gunsmith, armorer, mechanical design engineer, CNC machinist, custom knife maker and industrial designer.
Mr. Harris has over 20 year of professional experiences in the field of mechanical design engineering, weapons design and development, 3D para-solid CAD design, CNC/CAM, multi-axis CNC machining and multi-phase manufacturing. 
Mr. Harris has been featured in numerous publications throughout his career celebrating his innovative designs, flawless workmanship and revolutionary product lines, that are not just limited to the weapons industry.
Mr. Harris strives to reinvent and influence every industry he is involved in, utilizing the most advanced techniques in 3D design, CNC machining radically advanced materials, coatings and cutting-edge design concepts. Mr Harris primary focus at MCT is in the design, development and manufacturing of the most advanced close quarter combat edged weapons, firearms, firearms components,close quarter combat weapons and tactical tools, currently available within the military and civilian markets.

Mr. Harris is also the founder, owner and master weapons designer, gunsmith, armorer, custom knife maker of world renowned 
Shortly after the birth of SHPD in 1992, Mr. Harris sent shock waves throughout the firearms industry with his futuristic approach to custom built firearms, revolutionary component designs, unparalleled workmanship, and attention to detail. After eight years of revolutionizing and setting the standard in the custom firearms market.
Mr. Harris in 2000 went on to be founding father of
COMPONENTS the leader in after market Titanium and exotic material hop-up components for remote control cars and trucks. Within two years HCR became a state of the art, multimillion dollar CNC manufacturing facility utilizing the efforts of over a dozen employes.  While at HCR,  president, founder and designer at HCR Mr. Harris  continued to pursue  his passion for edged weapons design.
Mr. Harris began to manufacture knives and tactical edged tools at HCR for a variety of big name knife companies and custom knife makers. 
This passion for knives and tactical tools sparked the creation of QUEST CUTLERY IN 2003 which in 2006 became- 
Over the last 5 years Aaron Harris / MISSION CRITICAL TOOLS has designed and developed a one of a kind product line of tactical edge tools,fire arms, fire arms components and close quarter combat weapons products, that have been utilized by the worlds most elite government and civilian practitioners.