At the heart of MISSION CRITICAL TOOLS is a fierce passion for the pursuit of perfection in design, development, and manufacturing of tactical tools, edged weapons, firearms,
firearms components and close quarter combat weapons.
The sole individual behind MCT, AARON HARRIS WHO IS ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR MANY OTHER Innovations in the firearms and weapons industry, has over 20 years of active professional experience in weapons design, mechanical engineering, Para-solid 3D CAD design, multi-axis CNC manufacturing, manual machining, and old school, hands on craftsmanship expertise.

Each MCT design concept is developed organically, from real world use requirements. Then the concept is completely designed and perfected utilizing state of the art Para-solid 3D CAD software. 

Here the concept is transformed into a virtual solid design model then optimized, analyzed, stress tested, fit checked and finalized for production.
This process optimizes design potential while minimizes inconsistencies and unknown factors often associated with traditional CAD design processes. The result is a tool, knife or component of unparalleled precision, functionality and versatility suited to all life's critical missions.
Aaron Harris exclusively uses