MCT prides itself on utilizing a wide range of exotic and sophisticated materials that yield incredible performance and durability, while still providing an exceptional value. One prime example of this is MCT's new, American-made PCM-105 steel. PCM, or "Precision Carbon Matrix," is a high carbon material resembling traditional Japanese Tamahagane and nabe-gane, but with a modern twist. Translated, Tamahagane means "jewel steel." It is primarily used in the construction of premium quality Samurai-style swords. This marriage between old and new produces a magnificent end product that will yield strength, dependability and edge holding characteristics, even with daily use under hard-use conditions. PCM-105 tools are easily cared for and sharpened in the field.
Other featured materials integrated into the MCT line, such as CPM, S30V, S35V, S90V and 154CM are state of the art, powdered matrix stainless steels that offer amazing strength, edge holding capability and corrosion resistance. Where strength to weight ratio is of utmost importance, MCT also offers pieces throughout the line featuring 6Al4V Titanium. For specialized tasks requiring the unrivaled characteristics of super alloys, MCT uses Beryllium matrix composite metals (BMCM) and Nitinol. As for the composite base materials MCT utilizes a selective group of laminated and solid composites like Quasi-isotropic matrix carbon fiber,G10, G11, Micarta, Geo-lite, Poly-lite, Kydex ABS, all of which come in various colors thicknesses and textures.
At MCT technical substrate PVD coatings are extremely important when producing a corrosion prof tool or knife. Specialized PVD coating also reduce glare and increase surface strength and provide a unique look. MCT offers the most advanced PVD coating available on selected tools and knives depending on possible use and application. The current coatings available from MCT includes BDLC, TIALN, TICN. All three PVD coating exceed 80RC and bond at the molecular level thus providing positive penetration into the substrate. These PVD coatings will not rub, chip or burn off and provide extraordinary corrosion prof barrier.
In addition to PVD coatings MCT offers other more cost effective coatings such as thermo-set epoxy or Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) . FBE provides a long ware resistant coating that is available in a spectrum of colors where as the PVD coating are typically black, gray or blackish brown in color.
FBE coating is not spray paint or what is known as powder coat, it is applied in a similar manner but is fare more durable and has better bonding characteristics then normal powder coatings.